February 28, 2007

Let the fun begin!

It is a very exciting time of year for CMSS. We have started construction on the foam plug for the hull. We used a jigsaw and a homemade hot wire cutter to create 68 individual cross sections of the hull. Doing the math: 68 cross sections X 3inch thick sections / 12inches per foot = One beautiful 17 foot long boat. There is quite a difference from looking at the computer model of this boat and the rough silhouette created by the foam cross sections. Sanding and bondo'ing the plug will make the true hull shape become clearer. Fiberglassing the hull is on the horizon and more updates will appear as the progress continues

Above: Cross sections of the plug with a dry layer of fiberglass draped over it.
Below: A bow-to-stern view of the plug with the same layer of fiberglass on top.

Both the Propulsion and Power Management groups are busy implementing various methods to test the boats components. The motor design has been finalized and will begin construction this week. Everyone is keeping busy and things are starting to fall into place.

Stay tuned for more....

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