March 15, 2007

Almost there...

Yesterday we continued spackling the blemishes on the hull's surface. Along with filling in the imperfections, Andrew Moore and Elizabeth teamed up and worked on the shaping and smoothing of the keel and the splines (keel=center of the hull, splines=rounded edge between the bottom and side of the boat). With careful bondo-ing and sanding, they got the job done. Hopefully today will be the last day of applying bondo. The next step in making the plug smooth will be applying paint.
Speaking of paint... Last night Josh, TC, Will, and I constructed a paint tent for the boat. The tent is about 8 feet tall and has over 500 square feet of plastic surrounding it. The purpose of the paint tent is to keep the 'boat yard' safe from over spray but also to enclose the fumes involved in painting.
Speaking of fumes... We are working in conjunction is Carnegie Mellon's Environmental and Safety Dept. to make sure we are not breathing in hazardous fumes. They placed a machine in the 'yard' that monitors and records various substance concentrations. Safety first!

And now for pictures...

Will works on making the jig for the motor mount. The jig helps keep the part together when welding

Close up of the jig

Finish jig for the motor mount

The keel with a fresh layer of bondo

Josh and Andrew making sure the bondo is the right consistency. Do not try this at home

Elizabeth sanding down the keel.

Aerial view of the hull after the keel and splines have been refined

Josh, Andrew, and Elizabeth taking a well deserved break from sanding

This device check the air quality. The modern day canary if you will.

TC and Will taping a seam on the plastic covering to be used on the paint tent

Me attaching the platic sheet to one tent post

TC really enjoying himself while laying the sheet over the boat. Will in the background attaching the plastic to the posts.

Me trying to get rid of the saggin plastic. Will still in the background now making sure the plastic stayed draped over the wire.

Solution to sagging plastic: Attach string through the sheet and to the 5 ton crane above. I hope it holds...

That's all for now.

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