March 13, 2007

Sanding, bondo-ing, and more sanding!

The last few days have been devoted to making the plug as smooth as possible. To do this, we have applied roughly 10-12 gallons of bondo compound. Yes, this is a lot of bondo, but I'm also talking about a sleek and speedy 17ft solar boat!.
With each layer of bondo, there is a long and exhausting sanding period. Luckily we had ample bodies to do the work. Visiting siblings and friends have joined in the fun. With the nice weather, and people out and about, there have been many a passer by looking to see what we're up to. Because of the excellent location, there is always a steady stream of people passing by. A lemonade stand is in the works to help raise funds for the long trip to Arkansas in June.

And now for the pictures:

Otto applies the first layer of bondo to the foam

Josh attacking the bow of the mold with bondo layer #1

The three Moore brothers (triplets actually... I affectionately called them Andrew1 Andrew2 and Andrew3 - sorry guys)

Andrew1, Elizabeth, Me, Andrew2, and Andrew2 (left to right) working on the bow of the plug

Elizabeth perfecting her bondo spreading technique.

This is the view from the high bay doors. Not bad eh? (Wean Hall to the left and Hammershlag to the right)

The hull plug after the the application and sanding of the base bondo layer

Elizabeth, Isaac, Josh, and Andrew1 look for blemishes in the sanded bondo

We circled all the areas that needed a touch-up, but also contemplated a zebra design for the final hull paint job.

Andrew Moore doing some touch up work.

The wild, and often crazy Josh Sztul

Elizabeth, Will, Andrew, and Josh touching up the plug

The following two pictures are CADD models (in SolidWorks) of the finished 2007 boat.

By the end of the week, we hope to finish the plug so look for more building/construction pictures soon!


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Anonymous said...

Looking good.
A lemonade stand is actually a pretty good idea.