March 11, 2007

What a Weekend!

This has been a huge weekend for CMSS. We have moved into our new space in Hamburg Hall, transfered the hull foam cross sections to the "boat yard," and have continued working on the plug. Because of spring break, we have been able to devout countless hours to the project. It is a lot more fun than doing book work, that is for sure!
To better understand what we have been doing, here are some pictures!

The huge high-bay in Hamburg Hall which is now CMSS head quarters

Inside these doors is a 5 ton crane, blast furnace, and Carnegie Mellon's first on-site boat yard.

Brian (left) and Andrew M. (right) making the platform where the boat will be built.

Andrew M. is quite happy with the end product.

Ottoleo (left) and Lluis (right) work on sanding down the cross sections.

"I never thought I would become an expert sander" ~Ottoleo

Bow to stern view of the foam plug

Me (left) and Billy (right) work on sanding the mold so it is perfect.

Lluis double checking the center line of the mold with a laser pointer

Josh, Lluis, Billy, and Mark (left to right) putting the final touches on the foam before applying the bondo.

Billy (left) and Josh (right) mixing the bondo to be applied on the foam mold.

Billy applying the first layer of bondo

Stay tuned for more pictures from what is to be one of the busiest weeks for this team!


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