April 15, 2007

Foaming at the Mouth

Following design review VII there has been massive amounts of work done in the boatyard. All sections of the team have been plowing full speed ahead to get ready for the coming weeks.

Propulsion Update:
(Still a good source of Vitamin D)

As we wait to get our completed parts out of the MechE shop other aspects have been picking up speed.
  • Lower Unit housing - Andrew has been painstakingly carving out pieces of foam to create a good housing for the lower unit. Once completed it will serve as a mold for a strong fiberglass skin which will protect and seal the lower gearbox and shaft.

  • Mock Transom - I trimmed the mock transom yesterday morning and it now matches its non-mock cousin. Who doesn't love family togetherness?

  • Steering - Brian has been hard at work machining the steering column and it is nearing completion. As I type this a mock boat setup is being created which will be used in conjunction with the mock transom to experiment with the steering setup before mounting it on the real boat.

Hull Construction Pictures:
(Like a double dose of Centrum Silver)

Fun with foam!

A view of the precisely machined barriers implemented to stop the expanding foam

Before Expansion:

After Expansion:

Top pieces designed to block the rising foam

After a day's work

In addition, steps have been taken to stem the clean up issues. Thanks to Lluis, various parts of the boatyard are looking substantially better than before, and things are starting to get organized. To assist in this task, Mark and Andrew bought a few storage units to try and organize parts. Hopefully the first of many to come.

There's nothing like a busy but productive weekend to start off a busier and more productive week!
- Mark F.

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