April 29, 2007

Let the pictures do the talking

I'm going to try something different for this post and let the pictures do all the talking. More details of further testing will pop up shortly!

The finished propulsion system

The steering cables attached to the motor mount.

Will, Mike, and Josh take a breather from wiring the 36 volts of batteries to the motors.

The bow of the hull has been filled with expandable foam (The official rules dictate a specific amount of flotation relative to the boat weight)

The finished motor mount without the motors

Will ratcheting the electric motors to the motor mount. Isn't that sweet?! Two motors!

The lower unit covering

We are using some incredibly beefy wire. This year, we are using a MUCH more flexible, welding wire.

Mark working on the motor mount's connection to the mock transom.

Two knees were fiberglassed into the stern to help brace the transom for the massive amount of load provided by the propulsion system.

One solid team, enough said.


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