May 6, 2007

More Float Test Pictures + Propulsion Update

Propulsion Update:
(Reduces risk of heart attacks: 9/10 Doctors agree)

In the closing week before Meeting of the Minds, the propulsion group has been working at a frenetic pace to both implement a new tensioning system, as well as replace the parts which failed during testing at Lake Arthur.

Mark and Will adding some final touches to the newly fiberglassed Lower Unit before mounting it.

Holes have been drilled into the transom and the system has been successfully mounted on the boat.
The new beefy 1/4" thick parts should provide the much needed support where the previous parts failed. Plus, we have some delicious looking new FEA pics detailing some concentration areas for the future:

In addition to our work on the mount, I was also able to get a few fleeting pictures (~200) of this weekend's float test. The following are the better of the bunch:

Taking the boat up Forbes to the utter amazement of all onlookers

My own "Abby Road" rendition

Our motor mount awaits mounting on the boat

"Gently" placing Nessie in the water

Fixing the propulsion system to the boat

Lluis: a man who needs no introduction, but often requires an explanation

No where else in the world do bag piping and solar boating mesh so well together

Chunks of Aluminum + Motors + 8 months of work = Absolutely Beautiful

I believe this picture is best described by a quote from Frederick Nietzsche:
"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into the boat, the boat gazes also into you."

Attaching and inspecting the solar panels

Lluis is enjoying a bit of R&R in the assembled boat

Mark and Brian taking a turn in the boat

Kaufman washing down Nessie after a successful float test

Squeaky clean and ready for action during MoM and during next week's lake testing

That's all for now, and check back for Meeting of the Minds coverage later this week.
- Mark

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