June 16, 2007

Day 3

Today, I'm afraid there are only a few pictures to show. It was a pretty busy day I'm afraid, and all I can say is that CMSS won it's first ever race! It was fantastic! But now I must rest, and leave you with some pictures!

CMSS on deck for the sprinting qualifying run.

Mark and Lluis holding Nessie before she unleashes on Lake Fayetteville.

Lluis at the starting line.

Nessie, Brian, and the solar panel enjoying the Arkansas sunlight outside the tent

Will working on the electrical/mechanical system before the sprint event

Stearn to bow view of Nessie ready to roar!!

Bernie constantly reading on how to increase the CMSS funds

Some 'war' tunes before the sprint event really gave Lluis and Nessie the power to WIN (by 1.5 boat lengths) the heat!

Although it may look otherwise, we actually are winning this event! Awesome driving and such really helped out!

Mark's family was extremely kind to feed the whole team a wonderful dinner at an official Arkansas state park. We had a great time, and thank you very much Rockwells!


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