June 14, 2007

Day 2

Today we prepared and completed almost all of the on water testing required before racing tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. Nessie felt the smooth Arkansas water and went through it quite nicely. Our final qualification time for the maneuverability event was comfortably in the middle of the 18 team pack. We were not driving at 100% because the real race doesn't start until saturday and sunday.

Three more team members arrived today, 3/4 of the fab-four. They drove in from Houston and met us for dinner (perfect timing!). Only one more member is due to arrive, and he will be touching down tomorrow afternoon.

More to report tomorrow, I must get the aloe going on my sun burns!

But first enjoy your daily does of CMSS pics:

Lluis headed to the starting line for the first qualifying event.

Josh(ua) resting with the boat while Judges make sure we have followed the rules.

Lluis in the boat, and the three musketeers keeping him steady. For the record, Lluis took 2.9 seconds to egress from Ness.

G'night from A-Kansas

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