June 14, 2007

We're Here! (Solar Splash 2007: Day

Well, 11 CMSS members are here in partly sunny fayetteville, arkansas ready to show our stuff at the world champion ship of solar boating. Everyone had safe travels and stories about truck stop, long airport layovers, and other shenanigans.
This morning we drove the truck from our hotel to the competition site a few miles down the road. Everyone did their part to get everything safely unpacked. Having such a large team here at competition will certainly be fantastic both in getting work done and having a great time.
As the morning wore one, we finished unpacking/organizing all of our equipment and began preparing for the mechanical and electrical safety inspections. With only a few minor fixes (sanding some 'sharp' edges and adding wire ties), we were given the green light to continue with the water testing tomorrow.
After a long day we were shuttled to the University of Arkansas campus for a lecture by one of Wal-mart's Energy Sustainability executives. It gave us a different perspective of how/why Wal-mart choses to make it's business as 'green' or reduce it's carbon footprint. Even the companies harsh critics remained relatively silent after all was said and done.
The big news of the day is that Carnegie Mellon University's entrant in the 2007 World Championship of Solar/Electric Boating received incredibly high marks in the technical report, submitted approximately one (1) month prior to the competition's beginning. Well done to everyone who worked on this 80 page dossier!!
Day 2 begins at 8am tomorrow with a Skipper's meeting followed by the on water qualifiying events. Stay tuned to read how it goes!

And now, pictures!

The cockpit, cabin, galley (minus stove) of Nessie lying outside PA for the first time since it's birth.

Our paddock/home for the next week.

We are boat 14, no questions

Josh and Mike answering questions for the electrical inspection.

Our second place award for the technical report! Ain't it perty?

Mark accepting the award. Thank goodness there were no required speeches...