October 24, 2007

Lake Testing

About a week and half ago, we packed up Nessie and traveled to Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park. We rented a gasoline powered boat to do some tow testing. The point of the tow testing (Recording the force required to tow Nessie at various speeds) was to find the drag coefficient of Nessie's hull. The testing went smoothly, despite some strong winds, and we were able to get some valuable data. We will be processing and incorporating the data in the design of the propulsion system (for the endurance event) and for future hulls.

We are currently neck deep in designing new systems and writing grant proposals. We're looking forward to finalizing designs and getting ready to build in January. I'll do my best to keep this blog current.

Here's some pictures from the lake testing. Enjoy!

The team get the boat ready for a busy day on the lake

Fredrick and Will set up the motor system

Andrew and Ryan in the tow boat getting ready to go

Tow test action shot

Tow test action shot II

RPM encoders to help us design a new propulsion system

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