February 17, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend we met to finish the bulkheads and to finish our endurance motor mount drawings. The hull group met yesterday morning, and was joined by Josh and Mike (Alumni) and there gift of tasty bagels. We cut out the remaining 2 bulkhead from our 1" foam and removed the existing cockpit. The cockpit will be moved forward approximately 18" to allow for better balance in both the endurance and sprint events. In the next few weeks, we will be making an improved dashboard which will include the same dials and controls, but laid out in a more intuitive manor. The helm, along with the entire hull interior will undergo the fiberglassing process next weekend with the hope of finishing by Spring Break.

The endurance motor mount is ready for production and will be milled this week as more aluminum stock arrives. We purchased a lower unit and will begin adapting it to fit the endurance system. Propellers need to be chosen for this mount, and we will seek the advice of both our research, but also the experience of the folks at Outboard Haven in Verona.

That is all for now!

The first two bulkheads and the slot for the third. The slot for the third bulkhead shows how we left no foam 'buffer' to the fiberglass. There is approximately 2" of foam covering the rest of the bow's interior.

We removed he steering wheel and other cockpit items and will be moving it forward ~18" for better balance.

Mike, Riddhi, and Andrew (a broken finger can explain his club of a left hand) measure out an appealing curve to the top of the bulkheads. A canvas or fiberglass decking will be used to protect the flotation bags and electronics below.

Andrew vacuums the foam after successfully finishing the foam core for the bulkheads. Next step: fiberglassing!

Have a good week!

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