April 6, 2008

70 Days, but who's counting?

Just pictures for now, I will elaborate later this week!

There was quite a bit of material for the solar panel backing as you can see from this photo. We needed both fiberglass, and vacuum bagging materials for over 30 square feet! It was a good thing we had plenty of people to help with this.

The bottom layer of vacuum bagging, peel ply, and breather are read for fiberglassing!

Riddhi and Andrew work on sealing the vacuum bag. There is a gap in the photo timeline due to the need for all hands being tied up with mixing epoxy, saturating the fiber glass, or laying up the composite for vacuum bagging.

With a tight seal, you can see the bubbles of epoxy seep into the breather. Removing excess epoxy will increase the strength to weight ration of the panel. You can see the carbon fiber strips stretched length-wise. The carbon fiber acts similarly to metal bracing at a fraction of the weight and with much more 'coolness'

The finished product of the solar panel backing. Although you can't tell in this photo, the carbon fiber gives the panels considerable rigidity!

The dashboard, described in earlier posts. The wood was soaked in Epoxy overnight to maximize the strength of the piece. Including the wood in this piece will prove beneficial when the steering wheel and displays need to be screwed/bolted in.

The beginning of what will be the Electrical box cover. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

A motor mount stand will help in the testing and construction of the telemetry and endurance motor systems.

Thank you to our sponsors! Those who have actively supported the team will be getting their long awaited coffee mugs this week.

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Solar Panel Facts said...

Well, impressive. looks like that was a lot of work. How did it turn out?