April 15, 2008

Productive Weekend

Last weekend we were very busy! From the propulsion system, to the hull group and electrical systems, we spent the whole day working and had quite a bit to show for it! Here are some pictures showing some of what we did. Unfortuneately, I forgot I had my camera for most of the day and missed out on some 'action' shots.


The spring motor mount on the new stand. Mark has fixed the welds and we are all set to run this!

The electrical box layout. This is a design based upon a more modular and specialized electrical system.

And to cover the three electrical boxes (one for each motor mount and one for the solar controller), we are making fiberglass shells. These will shield the component from water and look pretty snazzy.

We are using a female molding process for the e-box shells. This is the vacuum bagging of the female mold. We used a few layers to cover the foam plug to ensure it maintained its rigid shape.

Andrew battles to get the foam from the fiberglass. It is a sometimes aggravating process, but 100% necessary.
Andrew and I figured out a system and luckily got the foam out in less time than predicted. It was a relatively messy process. The fiberglassed female mold with the foam and bondo removed.

A shot of our endurance mount and new endurance motor. The entire endurance system will be done and running this week.

Stayed tuned for more!

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