January 13, 2009

Hull Construction to Begin Soon

Welcome back students, friends, and family!

The new semester has begun and with it comes new and exciting Solar Splash news. Mark has invited me to post on the progress of our new hull construction so I will try to keep you all updated frequently with pictures and news.

The final design was chosen last semester and construction will begin very soon. The hull group, led by Mike Barako, will be meeting twice a week in the high bay to build the new, and unnamed boat which was based off of Nessie (the award winning and most recent design). Using optimization research from last year and improved computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing we've improved Nessie's design to have substantially less drag which should give us a boost in the endurance race, traditionally our weakest event.

Since the design was finalized, the hull group has experimented with a new construction technique to avoid using as much foam as we did for Nessie - although it was fun.

This semester promises to be a busy one so expect lots of new construction pictures in the near future.

-Andrew Moore
CMSS Vice President 08-09