April 30, 2010

Well, Hello There...

Geez…it certainly has been an uncomfortably long time since the last update, hasn’t it? Well, rest assured that this hiatus in updates in no way reflects the work we’ve been doing. With competition looming ever closer, the past weeks have been a lot of hard work and some noteworthy progress.

For one thing, we finally had that BBQ that we’ve been putting off since last semester. The gang met up in Donner Ditch for burgers and bonding, as well as some intermittent frisbee and pineapple-related activities (please reference pictures for clarification on what exactly that means…).

In addition to serving as our President, Mike also serves us burgers.

Power Management waits for noms.

Paul's sweet frisbee moves astounded us all. But mostly just me.

Most of the group.

Thus begins the Pineapple Adventures.


Pineapple Tower of Might.

In other, more exciting news (although it is hard to top that pineapple tower), we have officially voted on next year’s executive board! Congratulations to Ibuki, President; Paul, Vice President; Rahee, Treasurer; and Leenie, Public Relations Chair.

We also recently submitted three more SURG proposals (that’s Small Undergraduate Research Grant, for those non-CMU readers out there) in the hopes of getting some more moolah for the budget. The three proposed projects were 1. design of a brushless DC motor controller, 2. design of a modular solar panel, and 3. use of dimples in the reduction of pressure drag forces, for which we were awarded $800. Check out the kiva to read through the final drafts.

Finally, despite Dave’s warning that we should plan on having only one pool test (just in case they see what we do and don’t let us back), we were actually able to fit in two pool tests, the most recent of which took place last Wednesday, April 21. This second test may or may not have been scheduled due to the first being a complete bust—but! either way, we are in good shape for our lake test this Saturday, May 1.

Stylin' for the Pool Test.

Yes; people really do swim in there.

Long view. How artsy -- who was taking these pictures?

Fiddling with wires.

Since no one has sent me the video yet,

I decided to titillate you all by including this blurry

picture of Austin taking the video. They say

expectation is almost as satisfying as indulgence.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the lake test and our final haul towards competition.