June 12, 2010

Competition 2010: Day 4 - Leaving Arkansas

With both of our lower units out of commision the team was not able to compete today in the endurance event. This appears to be all but inevitable. The maximum continuous power rating the endurance motor could withstand, the Magmotor C40-300, was well under what we were expecting to draw for the endurance event. The added load during the slalom qualifier only expedited the motor's demise.

For reference, during the endurance races we were expecting to run the endurance motor at 24 Volts and 29 Amperes (14.5 Amps from the batteries and 14.5 from the panels, assuming sunny conditions). This exceeded the peak current rating of 20 Amps and far exceed the continuous rating of 12 Amps.

Out of the competition running, we decided to watch both the morning and afternoon endurance races and then leave afterwards.

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